5 Most Impressive Highlights of Uganda Safaris

Safari in Kidepo National Park

Uganda “the Pearl of Africa “has much more to see and explore but mountain gorillas are the prime attractions and safari highlight for most Uganda safaris across the country. Others are the Tree climbing lions of ishsaha and chimpanzee trekking that is done in three Uganda national Parks. Visiting the main highlights of Uganda and taking pictures of you at your chosen destinations for future flash backs and memories is one of the great times and moments you can never miss on your Uganda safari any time when you chose to explore the magical land of nature. Capture the best angles of the silver back gorilla, baby & mother gorillas, other jungle primates, birds and much more photos of any other attraction that you come across is what you should plan to carrying home after your amazing Uganda safari holiday. You can also discover the most famous wildlife parks of the country Kidepo Valley, Murchison falls and Queen Elizabeth for more fun and great moments all thought your stay. Capture the hidden wildlife gems of the country especially the Big five. Uganda also offers one of the best romantic backdrops on the islands of Ssese and Lake Bunyonyi places you should include on your itinerary if time permits and money.

Gorilla trekking in Bwindi forest & Mgahinga National Park

Don’t waste your precious time and money to book a Uganda safari without gorilla trekking because you will miss out the most exciting unique wildlife encounter and a dream for many across the world. Gorilla trekking shows you the real Uganda beauty in a wild jungle setting surrounded by only nature. You can enjoy tracking gorillas year round though you get big discounts of permits when you book your trek in April, May and November. Remember only eight tourists are allowed to track a particular gorilla family per day at accost of $600 dollars per a gorilla permit. There are more than 10 habituated gorilla families in Bwindi Forest so you can’t miss out the trek if well planned. If you like jungle adventures, don’t mind sweating and getting a bit dirty, and have an interest in seeing one of the most magnificent animals on the planet. Expect to see many gorillas on a single trek an amazing encounter you will cherish for life. Both Gorilla parks offer same trekking experience with a difference in attractions like Mgahinga volcanoes and golden monkeys. Would advise you to visit other parts of the country after your gorilla trekking tour and enjoy to your fullest.

Tree Climbing Lions of Ishasha -Queen Elizabeth National Park

It is somewhat uncommon for lions to actually climb trees but this happens daily in Uganda in Queen Elizabeth National Park. The Ishasha Plains of Queen Elizabeth Park with its Tree Climbing Lions a highlight of your Safari in Uganda will surely change the meaning of a Uganda holiday to a remarkable Uganda safari experience. Feel the freshness of the ishasha plain winds as you view and take photos of the chilling lions up in the tree branches. Feed your eyes with amazing views of several wildlife as they roam around the breathtaking plains. Better to spend a few days here in the fun adventure base and chill, do the game drives, day and night, before moving to your next travel destination. The river is another great place to have a paddle or swim and you can use the lodge pool to cool off when the day gets hot. However, this sector is located in Queen Elizabeth so you engage in other park activities like the afternoon boat cruise and see several hippos, crocodiles, birds and other wildlife, enjoy other game drives in kasenyi another wildlife home in Queen Elizabeth, Bird watching among others.

Chimpanzee trekking Adventure

This is another favorite primate adventure in Uganda only done in Kibale forest National Park, Murchison Fall National Park and Queen Elizabeth National Park. However, for those interested in only viewing the chimpanzees in a particular platform, Ngamba Island and Entebbe Wildlife Zoo are the best places I would recommend. However, for those interested in chimpanzee trekking in the forest jungle, the activity starts in the morning just like gorilla trekking with a briefing from park rangers, followed by the search of the fast moving primates. To sum it up it’s an escorted trek which requires a permit forest nature walk and manageable hikes. Trekking chimpanzees in the jungle forest can go for 2-3 hours while chimpanzee habituation go for all day from the time chimpanzees wake up to the time they retire for the day.