5 Great Reasons to Track gorillas in Uganda for 2018


Did you know that tracking gorillas in Uganda has always been the finest choice for all travelers to Africa ever since Rwanda changed its gorilla permit prices from $750-$1500? Hence making all Rwanda gorilla safaris tours luxury leaving no choice for budget and backpacker travel. The gorilla travel trend in 2018 continues just like for the previous years to track gorillas in Uganda as long as your budget is tight and you want to spend less. Still Uganda has the most affordable gorilla’s safaris for those looking for exceptional treat during their wild trip to see gorillas in Africa. Despite it being one of the cost friendly mountain gorilla trekking countries in Africa, most travelers love it and it’s true that it’s a top destination for gorilla trekking safaris in 2018.

Convenient Gorilla Permit Booking Process

The Uganda gorilla permit booking system online is fast and convenient that tourists can easily get in touch with the Uganda Wildlife Authority a government body that manages all national parks and also book through tour agents who are always informed with all gorilla permit availability updates .Booking a gorilla permit in Uganda is very easy and it can take just a six hours when you use a tour agent. They help you secure a trekking permit without hassles. Receiving your gorilla permit in a hard copy is only possible when you arrive in Uganda but the purchase is done once with a right tour agent. Once you find space on the date of your interest, go for it and even get all your gorilla safari questions answered with incredible responses from tour consultants.

Low Prices

Gorilla trekking safaris can be expensive even with discounts elsewhere unlike in Uganda where there is variety at affordable prices. Uganda gorilla permits are fare priced, accommodation is by choice in any gorilla sector and park, transport is also affordable making all trips cheap and cost friendly. If you want to track gorillas on budget, look no further other than Uganda the Pearl of Africa. You should know that whether you stay in luxury lodges or budget campsites and hostels, Uganda safari tours will always be affordable all year.

Good Road Network to the parks

If you are a kind of traveler who want to drive yourself or head out on backpacking safari tours, Uganda should be your next gorilla trekking destination in Africa. The country has the finest road transport network to the park for all kinds of visitors. With the many transport service providers-car hire companies, public transport means, private safari tour arrangements, am sure you will find the best means of transport for your gorilla tour in Uganda. No matter how you connect to the park, at the end of the day you all return back home with amazing great memories of the gorillas in the wild jungle forest.

Meet Exciting locals & Traditions

Tracking gorillas in Uganda is amazing because you get a chance to meet up with friendly locals who still live the life of the ancient. The Batwa people in Bwindi forest National Park and Mgahinga National park are worth visiting and meeting up with especially if you want to experience some true cultural traditions in of locals. You will get surprised by their way of life of the ancient though they no longer live in the wild forest jungle with the gorillas. Don’t miss to explore their cave homes, local medicine, hunting experience, music dance and drama and much more. There big heart and love for gorillas and today made your Uganda gorilla safari tours one of the world most exciting jungle adventures on the planet.

Feel at Home

While in Uganda, no matter where you stay and go, every place feels like home. The only people you meet are friendly and helpful in every need of the trip. Even though you decide to move around like a local, they still treat you the same way just like others. Once you visit Uganda for gorilla trekking and other tour adventures you will definitely confirm that the country is peaceful and blessed with warm hearted friendly loving and caring people.

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