Visit & Support Orphaned Chimpanzees in Uganda


Chimpanzee trekking / viewing is among the top tourist activities in Uganda. “The peal of Africa” hosts chimpanzees in natural habitat and those in captivity/ orphaned chimpanzees.  In brief, chimpanzee trekking is done in natural habitats like Kibale Forest, Budongo Forest, Toro-semliki game reserve and Kyambura Gorge – such chimps move freely in natural wild with out restrictions.

On the other hand, orphaned chimpanzees are found in Uganda Wildlife Education Centre (UWEC) which was formerly called Entebbe Zoo and Ngamba chimpanzee sanctuary situated at the Island. Here chimps are catered for like children at home (Care giving), there is restricted movement, feeding and the places are fenced. You can visit chimpanzees and get up close with them on some of the safaris offered by tour operators.


The centre is situated located along the shoreline in Entebbe. UWEC was started in 1994 as a trust to revive the neglected Entebbe Zoo and provide leadership in educating Ugandans about the benefits of conserving the country’s biodiversity.

To date, Uganda Wildlife Education Center undertakes several conservation initiatives in Uganda including wildlife rescue and rehabilitation; fully fledged veterinary hospital services; and captive breeding of endangered species of the area. In other words, UWEC is a rehabilitation centre for wild animals and bird – scientific research has been done here to develop education programmes for the general public.

Chimpanzee Close-Up/ Chimpanzee viewing at UWEC

The current rate per person is US$ 290.00 per experience. It is Uganda Wildlife Education Centre’s belief that education is key to avoid extinction of Uganda’s chimpanzees, offering you the chance to embark on a highly moving and unique experience whereby you will have the privilege to have up close, direct contact with the chimpanzee. Join the younger chimpanzees for part of their daily exercise routine in a stretch of natural forest. Watch with amazement as they interact, curious to explore their visitors. Always playful, they may cling to you, climb all over you, or even explore your face with their human-like hands.


Take a boat trip out on Lake Victoria to Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary and have a chance to see chimpanzees feeding. Also expect to encounter a variety of water loving birds, monitor lizards among other. The trips start at Entebbe water front beech either 9:00am or 12:45pm.

At Ngamba Chimpanzee sanctuary, you will have a clear view of the chimps and excellent photographing opportunity. On each of the two types of day visits (half day and full day), you will receive an educational orientation by a chimpanzee caregiver and view a feeding of the chimpanzees (full day visitors will view 2 feedings) from the visitors’ raised platform area along the edge of the sanctuary fence.