Does Gorilla Trekking Make Uganda a great Safari Destination?


Around 80% of people who visit Uganda for safari holidays, say gorilla trekking makes Uganda a great safari destination and any trip to Uganda without gorilla trekking isn’t as exciting as other with gorilla trekking adventure. Truly gorilla trekking in Uganda is a journey crafted in the wilderness jungle forest full of amazing moments and memories. Today travelers hunt for gorilla photo opportunities with the silver back gorilla during their treks and Bwind forest offers the finest Gorilla photography of the silver back and the entire gorilla family. Just carry the best camera and wait to return home with great memories. Whether you track mountain gorillas in Mgahinga National Park or Bwindi Forest National Park, your trip to Uganda to see gorillas will be life changing.

Uganda Tour Operators
Even Uganda tour operators confirm that the demand for gorilla trekking tours is high compared to other Uganda safari tours every year. They also added that gorilla trekking is a unique wildlife encounter that is only found in Uganda, Rwanda and Congo the three neighboring countries in East Africa. Above all the hotel and lodge service providers who built Gorilla tracking lodges in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park provide comfortable facilities hence making tourists feel at home .Lodges and campsite prices vary from budget, midrange and luxury but all lodge rates are worthy paying either on full board or Bed and breakfast. Tour agents pride themselves in offering affordable gorilla trekking tour for couples, groups and families year round with cheap group gorilla tours that run daily to both Uganda gorilla parks. Since Uganda has many national parks and attractions all offering different amazing tour adventures, it’s I deal for all tourists to the country to combine gorilla trekking with visits to other national parks and attractions. This gives more meaning to a Uganda safari tour especially if one comes to see gorillas and also spare a few days to volunteer in a charity community project aiming at changing lives of many local Ugandans.

Nature of mountain Gorillas
I have long wondered how mountain gorillas are the biggest unique primate species in the entire world second to none but got everything answered the day I tracked gorillas in Bwindi Forest National park. A safari to Uganda to see gorillas show you how the intelligent beautiful primates are rare and the great hard work that humans do to save their lives every day. Gorillas show strange human characters like living in small family groups with a silverback mature male as the head, who guides all others just by even selecting eating places and overnight stay areas .As a father struggles to defend the family, same does to the silver back gorillas and it does a great job till death if necessary. The sliver back weight shocks because it goes up to 120kg, weight result confirmed by gorilla researchers using several tools used on other great apes. They communicate in vocal sounds and its fun watching then talk to each other during the one hour duration given too tourists during every trek. Hard to believe but Uganda dense forests is a home to half of the world remaining mountain gorillas that also live in Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo. As they do not survive in captivity, preservation of these fragile places is essential for their survival.

Gorilla Permit Prices

What is so unusual about Uganda gorilla trekking is that Bwindi gorilla permits and Mgahinga cost cheap compared to other mountain gorilla trekking destinations like Rwanda.Travellers book Uganda gorilla permits at only $600 per trek while a Rwanda gorilla permit goes for $1500 a price that is enough for a Uganda primate gorilla trekking tour. Since same primates exit in both countries better to track gorillas in Uganda once or twice depending on your interest and travel plan provided there is availability. I have been lucky enough to track gorillas in Uganda in Buhoma section of park and Ruhija on my four day Uganda gorilla trekking tour. Rushegura and Bitukura are great gorilla families to track in Bwindi forest and your amazing trekking memories say it all. However, the later walk to the Batwa former people of the forest yielded more fun during my stay and their hunting adventure; way of life will surely change your life. Welcome to the best gorilla trekking destination in Africa Uganda.