The Bull and A Calf


Once upon a time, (Tell us what you saw)

There were two brothers. The two brothers lived in a place called Busabala. The older Brother was called Mubi and the younger one was called Mulungi.

Mubi was a very bad boy. He hated work, he was dishonest and jealous. Mulungi on the other hand was a very nice child, he was hard working and extremly honest. He spent most of his time helping his Mum and Dad with work at home.

The parents of Mulungi and Mubi had a farm. They grew crops and also had some cows. Mubi and mulungi were asked to help their mum with work at home and their Dad with looking after the cows on the farm.

One day a cow gave birth to twin calves. Mubi and Mulungi were asked to choose a calf which they would have to look after. Mubi was the first to choose and he chose the male calf.

” I want a strong bull which will fight and beat all the bulls in the village ” Mubi said.

“As for me I want the female one which will give birth to another calf and I will have many cows. It will also give me milk to drink” Mulungi said.

They were both allowed by their Mum and Dad to take the calves they had chosen. The boys were both very happy with their choices.

When the calves grew, the bull which Mubi had chosen became big and fierce and no one could ever come near it apart from Mubi who used to sit on its back and it carried him around.

The Calf Mulungi chose grew up into a nice cow, It was black and had a white patch on its head. Mulungi knew that he had chosen wisely and both his Mum and Dad were proud of him.

Mubi who was the eldest son liked cows but never liked helping his Mum and Dad with work at home. Mubi used to spend all his time looking after the cows and playing with his friends. Some times he got involved in fights with children from the village. Mubi always told lies and on many occasions he cheated his brother.

One day as Mubi was looking after the cows, one of the cows gave birth to a beautiful calf but the cow belonged to Mulungi and the calf looked so much like its mother. It was black with white patches on its head. Mubi felt Jealous and he decided he was going to keep the calf himself even though it was not his. Mubi took the calf away from its mother and gave it to the bull but the bull did not like it. The bull kicked the calf away many times but Mubi kept taking it back to the bull.

When Mulungi came to check on his cows, he was suprised to see that the bull Mubi owned had a calf.

“Look my bull gave birth to a beautiful calf” Mubi said.

“But How can a bull give birth to a calf?” Mulungi asked.

“Well Mine did” Mubi said.

“But the calf looks exactly like my cow” Mulungi said.

“Are you calling me a thief?” Mubi asked. Mulungi just kept quiet as he did not want to make his older brother angry.

Mulungi went back home and told his Mum and Dad. The parents were very angry with Mubi and they decided to play a practical joke on him.

Mulungi went back to the farm and started to cry. when his brother heard him, he came to him but Mulungi never spoke. He cried very loudly throwing himself on the ground.

Mubi did not know what to do. For the first time ever Mubi felt sorry for Mulungi.

“Tell me what has happened to you Mulungi?” asked Mubi. Mubi helped Mulungi to stand and kept asking him what was wrong.

“Father is dead!” Mulungi answered and cried even louder.

“Yes father is dead, he died this morning while giving birth to a baby”.

“Did you say he died while giving birth?” Mubi asked.

“That is the most stupid thing I have ever hard”. Mubi Said. “Men cannot have babies”.

“Well you say Men can not have baies, but how did your bull have a calf?”

Mubi then realised that he had been tricked and his plan to steal a calf from his brother had been found out.

Mubi gave the calf back to his brother and asked for forgiveness from him. They both went back home Happy.

And that is what I saw.