Rhino Numbers Grow to 20 as a baby is Born in Ziwa


The good news coming from the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary and the Rhino Fund Uganda is that on the morning (08:30am) of the 26th July 2017, another baby Rhino was welcomed in the World increasing the number of Rhinos to 20 individuals in the wild. This beautiful male baby was born Rhino from Nandi, one of the inceptive breeding herds comprising of 3 females and 3 males in Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary. At the time of monitoring, the baby had so far breastfed and was showing signs of active growth levels, implying that he was in perfect health. Our sincere congratulations go to the Staff of Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary for their tireless effort towards the conservation of the Rhinos and the Executive Director of Rhino Fund Uganda (RFU)-Ms Angie Genade and the entire team for this accomplishment.

Mother Nandi had retired into the dense bush of the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary to make certain and guarantee that she and her new born baby remain peaceful (not disturbed) although Rangers of the Sanctuary, from a stone throw away remain on-site to prevent any unnecessary approaches and dangers.

Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary is situated in Nakasongola district, en route to Murchison Falls National Park or Kidepo Valley National Park which makes it the only place where the white Rhinos are inhabited in natural habitat in Uganda. This also makes it to be the only place for tourists to supplement their big five game safaris to Murchison Falls National Park, Northwestern Uganda.

With Ziwa’s current breeding programme, it is interesting to infer that the current birth also confirms that the Sanctuary is among the fastest growing in the World, given their reproduction rate (four births were welcomed in 2016 alone) and now their number is at 20 Rhinos at the Sanctuary and Ziwa has become a must-visit destination for Uganda’s tourists who desire to spot all the Big Five animals (Lions, Leopards, Elephants, Buffaloes and Rhinos) in their safari. The other Big Four animals can be seen in Kidepo Valley National Park, Murchison Falls National Park and Queen Elizabeth National Park to compliment for dream of seeing the Big Five.

The latest communications with Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary also indicate that for next year (2018), at least 5 extra Rhino births are anticipated including for the first time in history, from the second generation females, hence increasing hope that Rhinos have contributed to the firm recovery to Uganda after this tremendous success of the effective breeding programme being implemented.

This Sanctuary is strategically situated 176 kilometers North of Kampala on the Gulu highway en route to Murchison Falls National Park. It is the only area for tourists to view the remarkable white Rhinos in their natural habitat. Currently, the Sanctuary has become the most famous destination for White Rhino trekking, bird watching, nature walks and relaxation.

In conclusion, Rhinos have become the most endangered wildlife species in the world. A newly born baby Rhino is great success in their habitat that is worth celebrating since it adds their number in the wild. Encountering with these magnificent wild creatures in their habitat is the most astonishing experience that anyone should not miss out in life.