Uganda Loses An Elephant due to Electrocution



We start the morning on a low, with sad news of the untoward death of one adult male elephant in Queen Elizabeth National Park who is said to have been electrocuted. The bull was estimated to have made only 35 years of age; surely a lot more years he had ahead of him to live.

“The carcass of the elephant was on Monday morning found lying near a ground transformer with cables attached to a nearby electric pole. The wire mesh fence surrounding the transformer, a few meters from the Visitor Information Centre, had been freshly smashed most likely by the outsized bull trying to force his way through the enclosure,” Mr Muhangi the UWA spokesperson said in a statement. The third case of electrocution in the park in less than four years.

Queen Elizabeth National Park boasts of accommodating the largest elephant population in Uganda at an approximated 2,913 individuals. Followed by Murchison Falls National Park, Kidepo Valley National Park and Semliki Wildlife Reserve.
These majestic giants can also be spotted in the forests of Kibale, Bwindi and Mgahinga, and some have been sighted in the Sango Bay area of Rakai district.

You will also recall that another elephant was earlier this month knocked down by a bus on the Gulu highway.

As is their mandate to conserve and guard Uganda’s invaluable protected areas, we call upon the Uganda Wildlife Authority to work on a lasting remedy with Umeme to prevent this from reoccurring lest we lose more of these priceless creatures.

We are saddened by this occurrence, and convey our sympathies to the fallen giant’s family and friends.