5 Surprising Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Uganda

Horseback Riding along the Nile River

Uganda is one of Africa’s best travel counties and attracts thousands around the world every year for business and tourism. A small landlocked country was recently recognized as the top world destinations to be visited in 2017 by rough guide. Besides, it’s also an example of wildlife conservation and a true country for sustainable tourism. Also known as the pearl of Africa, Uganda has many surprising facts that you didn’t yet they contribute much to the countries development and general safari experience.

  1. Home to the Source of the River Nile

The Nile is a major north-flowing river in northeastern Africa but part of it passes in Uganda with its source in Jinja town. Many tourists visit the source of the Nile during their trips to Uganda and discover the natural famous wonders in Africa that is loved by many across the world. Find this amazing attraction at the centre stage of almost all the adventures in Jinja   and perfect for all other adventures like fishing, Island walk, souvenir shopping etc.However; you can also explore the Nile more on a rafting safari tour on half or full day and also challenge your fear on the highest Bungee jump that throws you down on the Nile waters.

2. Best Country to See Mountain Gorillas & Birds

You may know that Uganda is a home for mountain gorillas but fail to know that gorillas are the flag bearers of the Uganda tourism industry as wells birds since the country has above 1000 different bird species and 11% of the world bird population. Tracking gorillas in Uganda is getting a life time experience and no wildlife adventure compares to gorilla trekking in Africa. Uganda is a home to half of the world remaining mountain gorillas all living in Bwindi impenetrable national park and Mgahinga national park. One can see mountain gorillas any time of the year provided there is gorilla permit availability for the date of his or her interest. Amazingly gorilla parks are also great birding destinations in Uganda so birders and primate lovers Uganda is your place to be.

3. Uganda is One of theBest English Speaking Countries

Though Uganda is a multilingual country with around 80 tribes all speaking different kind of languages but English is the most common used in city centers, hotels and most tourism places of interest. If English isn’t your thing, some people understand Swahili very much but you can also hire a multilingual tour guide who speaks just your home country language. Most Uganda tour guides speak Italian, Spanish, Germany, English plus many local languages hence giving you a chance to understand each and every aspect of your Uganda safari tour.

4. Kampala City is the Most Affordable City to Live In

The truth is that Uganda has the best East African capital to live in either for short or long stays. The quality of life style in Kampala is affordable and just what you need in a foreign land. Everything is organized and simple so need to stressor hassle around the city. All locals are friendly and helpful just in case you need to make any inquiries about a particular place or service.

5. Drive on the Left Hand Side

It takes a few minutes to practice the driving rules in Uganda that is if you planning to head out alone without a tour guide or driver. All people in Uganda drive on the left side of the road in Uganda no matter where you go as long as it’s all called Uganda. Driving speed is 80km per hour for reasons of safety and remembers to respect all road signs and posts.