About Us

UgandaDigest, is a synopsis of top news in Uganda, and is published online 365 days a year and distributed globally. The publication reaches more than 10,000 readers on all seven continents and the seven seas.


Among the subscribers to our news are hotels and resorts, tour operators and travel agencies, corporations and organizations fosuing in getting the latest news about Uganda. the UgandaDigest is designed and edited to provide a balanced and independed view of the top stories about local, national and international news. Don’t forget to read our editorial comments, along with news on sports, weather, business news, celebrity news and the celebrated crossword puzzle.

Who’s Reading the UgandaDigest?

  • Guests at top hotels and resorts
  • Cruise ship and yacht passengers
  • Business leaders
  • Health clubs & Sports facilities
  • Individual subscribers
  • Military personnel
  • Space Shuttle and International Space Station astronauts